The Sultanate of Oman has been called Arabia Felix - happy Arabia - since ancient times.

But even more often, Oman is called a country that smells like ladan or frankincense. Terra Boswellia Sacra - a land of Boswellia incense. The Frankincense Road to Jerusalem started here, 5,000 years ago, and when it reached it, it was valued more than gold.

The aroma of these luxurious incense is believed to unite people with the gods. The most widely known historical account is how the Three Kings brought three gifts to the newborn Jesus - gold, myrrh and incense. That incense was the frankincense of Oman.

The mysterious personality of history, the Queen of Sabah, who ruled the wilderness, carried gifts to Solomon. Her most luxurious gift was the pride of the kingdom - frankincense incense.

The historical truth, whether the love of Solomon and the Queen of Sabah was lifted by the scent of precious incense, has long been lost in time, but after those 5,000 years we can still breathe in the unchanged scent of Ladan today.

In the remote Dhafar region of Oman, Boswellia sacra (incense Boswellia) trees grow, from which the best Ladan or frankincense aromatic resin in the world is extracted. Very favorable location and climate conditions determine the quality, harmonizing properties and odor of the resin.

frankicense oman

What does frankincense smell like?

When the heat of the fire in the incense heats a piece of resin and releases the white smoke, it rises upwards and swirls in circles in space with the slightest movement of air. The aroma of Frankincense incense is unmistakable. It releases a dry smell of hot desert sand, cracked clay dust and the moisture of the bottom of a deep sand well. Inhaling it inspires and changes our internal systems and we see a new direction in the vector of life.

A cool and refreshing citrusy tone spreads and intertwines, and the nuances of camphor and turpentine seem to paint rich visions in the mind as if with an artist’s brush. A narrow strand of smoke leaves hints of sun-heated pines. The elegant spiciness of freshly ground black pepper tells the stories of overseas spices and opens up a luxurious floral sweetness that bursts with waves of passion.

Heat alchemy awakens the latent power of the resin even more strongly, and the smoke rises to the top like a light feather, touching the highest spheres, awakening the deepest layers of consciousness, uplifting the spirit, allowing you to get to know yourself, your relationship with the world and the knowledge of life more deeply.

Indulge in the flow of scents and it will take you where it is needed.

The sacred smoke of Frankincense is an opportunity to transform lives.

There is no stronger power than frankincense which turns any minus into a plus.